White label software

white label software

Wir entwickeln Ihre individuelle Mobilitäts-Software/App oder White-Label- Lösung. Kontaktieren Sie uns jetzt!. Bei einem White-Label handelt es sich um ein Produkt oder eine Dienstleistung einer Firma, die nicht unter der eigenen Marke angeboten wird. Unsere FinTech-Lösungen reichen von der Übernahme und Anpassung Ihrer derzeitigen Webseite mit einer integrierten Crowdfunding-Option bis hin zur.

With Gps Wox we control our whole fleet and save money everyday. With the system I can track fuel consumption, traveled distance reports and so on.

But it seems working great. Configuration and connection was an easy task and took little time to complete. I was able to use my GPS trackers without any inconveniences.

I am able to easily monitor my travel reports and fuel consumption with the option of protecting my car from theft.

Furthermore, the product is not expensive. I cannot imagine a car without this device and I plan to use it in my future cars. I had no issues installing it, using it and tracking objects.

Digital advertising is often considered the top of the marketing stack, and a vital service to offer business clients. Digital advertising brings that top-of-funnel traffic and attention to all the other marketing tactics the business is carrying out.

Any agency that offers marketing services should consider white-label advertising. No matter what aspect of marketing your agency focuses on, paid advertising is the "top of the stack" that will greatly help local business clients acquire new customers and drive consumers to other pieces of the local business.

Digital advertising is also one of the easiest areas to provide clear ROI reporting in, as ad spend directly correlates to results like conversions and sales.

However, PPC, Social, Display, and mobile advertising can be difficult waters to navigate without an expert on your team.

The type of campaigns available completely depends on the white-label provider. Consider a rebrandable option that cover many aspects of advertising services, such as:.

White-label social media marketing can take many forms—social media content creation, social media services like managed posting, or even rebrandable social media management products.

All of these solutions are re-brandable to be sold by resellers at their own price point to offer new social media solutions to their business clients.

Being active on all the right social platforms lets your clients:. A great way to get into the social media marketing space with a white-label product is with a social media platform.

White-label apps are applications built by a white or private label app development company and rebranded and resold by other businesses.

White-label app solutions can be a service where an application is ordered from Company B reseller by their business client but actually built by Company A third-party service provider.

A white-label app can also be a specific application built by a provider that is rebranded and resold by multiple resellers.

As Entrepreneur states , having a website presence is no longer enough for a local business. A mobile app is now a necessity as online activity continues to shift to mobile.

If your client wants to hit their consumers where they live, then investing in a mobile app for their company is a good move. However, app development is complex, and fulfillment of this new service would require an entirely new development team dedicated to building custom apps for business clients.

By outsourcing this service to a third-party development team, you can add "mobile app" to your other marketing services without having to worry about additional overhead costs and development complexities.

Mobile apps are a huge value-offer to add to your store, but building client apps requires high-quality custom development work.

BiznessApps offers a white-label mobile app builder service that is unique to each of your business clients.

There are a few aspects of online reputation management that can be white-labeled. You could combine these together for a full-scope reputation management solution by finding a provider that offers both reputation management products and services.

Helping your clients manage their online presence has become a critical part of thriving in the digital space. However, monitoring the internet and responding to each and every review is a lot of hard work—even for experts.

What you need is a solution where you have reviews pulled into one central platform from all across the web so you can respond and monitor as necessary.

To add a cherry on top, also offer review response options for a few extra bucks to bring in additional revenue! Businesses will jump at the opportunity to improve and grow their online reputation, which means happy customers and more money in your pocket if you can be the agency to provide it.

If you manage multi-location brands, this post might also be up your alley. A good place to start with white-label reputation is to provide a re-brandable platform for your clients to monitor their online reputation.

White-label website solutions can be any website-related service or product that a reseller can rebrand and sell at their own price point to business clients.

This can be a website hosting reseller program, re-brandable web design services, or even resellable website add-on products.

Companies can sell websites designed by the white-label website provider under their own brand and at their own price-point. Taking advantage of a white-label website solution will turn your business into that sticky agency that clients can depend on as their one-stop-shop for marketing solutions.

A no-brainer option is to offer a full website package through a white-label provider: More resellable website add-ons like appointment schedulers, live chats, form builders, and more are also available across the web.

Our WordPress Website Pro and Website Creation solutions are perfect to package, rebrand, and resell to your clients as a holistic website approach.

White-label website hosting on the Google Cloud Platform with one-click set-up. One login gives your clients access to reporting and supplementary digital products that are ready to sell!

Host your sites on Website Pro and give your agency the power to build fast, secure, and robust WordPress sites for any business.

Choose from 1-page, 3-page, 5-page, or more! Your clients provide the required information to our design team, and we deliver websites made to help local businesses grow.

Budget is always a concern for small businesses as well as timing AMG has launched over 30 websites in the past year utilizing the website creation in Marketplace, ranging from simple and effective landing pages to 10 page fully custom designed websites.

Here is the key however—not only are these websites cost effective for the client, but are great looking sites with optimal functionality.

At the end of day, my client has a website that they love completed in a timely manner that fits their budget. White-label content creation is where copywriters provide written content for resellers to give to clients under their own brand and price point.

This content can take the form of blogs, social posts, website copy—almost any digital written copy you can think of. This service can be fulfilled in a few ways: The copywriters work under the reseller brand, and the written work may or may not take a branded format.

Every piece of a digital presence needs written content, whether it be a website page, a blog post, or even the script for a video. We spared absolutely no expense on our end, which is why we brought onboard a dream team of developers and graphic designers.

The apps are yours to resell, but we handled the hardest part for you. Worried about training your customers on using the rebranded software?

Included with each app is done-for-you, unbranded video training to help your customers get up to speed on using the app.

With our walk-through tutorials, this step is a breeze!!! We make it super easy to setup payment processing, integrating with two of the biggest payment solutions on the web.

Add your Paypal or Stripe account details and create your buy button for your sales page. Integrate your email auto-responder form code to add each buyer onto your subscriber list for email follow-ups and updates.

Rebrand Apps handles all of the email delivery for you; so new members will receive branded Welcome, Login Detail and Password Reset emails.

We fully support our Resellers and the product itself. Having been around for 13 years and seen a lot software - these guys have been first to utterly shock me.

Their knowledge of the market and quality of the software they develop is hands down the best around. I always wanted to launch my own product and have tried on the past but the technical challenge is so overwhelming that I just gave up.

With Rebrand Apps that challenge has been conquered. Then Rebrand Apps came along Just submit a support ticket to us with your request, and every penny will be gladly refunded to you within the first Days.

You can charge either a one-time fee or a recurring subscription fee. The choice is yours. However, if you edit the source code, we will no longer support any technical issues that may arise from it.

Included in your RebrandApps package is a professionally written, Done-For-You salespage and design, ready to be uploaded to your website to start making sales.

Limited Time Launch Discount Ends in You get ALL this for a single price.

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I personally recommend this gps tracking system for all organizations. They helped me pick out the best GPS devices and configure them with the server.

Now I can track my car, bicycle and children in one place on my pc or mobile. The controls and the simplicity exceeded my expectations.

Simply love it thanks you!! With Gps Wox we control our whole fleet and save money everyday. With the system I can track fuel consumption, traveled distance reports and so on.

But it seems working great. Configuration and connection was an easy task and took little time to complete. I was able to use my GPS trackers without any inconveniences.

I am able to easily monitor my travel reports and fuel consumption with the option of protecting my car from theft. Furthermore, the product is not expensive.

I cannot imagine a car without this device and I plan to use it in my future cars. Our Cleaning Utilities clean the Windows registry and installation unneeded files and optimize PC performance and stability.

With innovative technology and advanced programming, our tools wipe out unused files, and reorganizes the Windows registry to an optimal state, thus provide a smoother computing experience.

ShieldApps password managers are a light and effective solution for users who wish to save and manage their online user and password credentials in a secure and yet user-friendly way.

Advanced hard drive space cleaners that enable a detailed scan and a safe cleaning process - thus freeing up needed hard drive space.

The hard drive cleaners will scan and map sections of your hard drive and will list all irrelevant files that are safe to be deleted in order to free up more hard drive space.

Furthermore, unneeded duplicate files that take up much needed hard drive space will be mapped for deletion optional. Our optimizers are used to enhance performance within a slow PC by mapping and deleting the unused entries in the operating system left overs from failed software, past driver installations and faulty uninstallations trials.

The rebranded android antivirus application comes packed with advanced features and detection algorithms that detect, block and delete mobile threats and infections.

In addition, Mobile Shield Antivirus features an app behavior analysis mechanism that flags potentially harmful apps on the phone. Mobile Cleaning Utility helps you take back full control of data usage, Wi-Fi access and storage preferences that were previously controlled by various installed applications.

Rich administration panel with full outbound link control, real-time statistics, key management and more! Big or small, your software white label will feature all available technical attributes and assets!

You are only paying for the premium licenses you are about to sell! Design cost is waived, and so is the set-up fee! The ShieldApps team has been around for over a decade, and is a combination of marketing veterans and code-wizards.

We have seen it all, and done it all. Which ever marketing methods you use, we are able to mach our partnership models to your current business. Furthermore, our rebranded software will be molded into your designated way of marketing, in order to assure the highest conversion rates.

Flexibility - ShieldApps features both infrastructure flexibility as well as marketing open-mindedness. Each label that comes out of our labs is super targeted as its specific audience, and bares unique user interface and conversion tools to maximise its value for both our partners and their users.

Knowledge Base - As our success depends on our partners success, we feel obligated to share our experience and strategic know-how with our partners, thus contributing our own 2 cents to the game.

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